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A professionally managed company, D S Mankoo Industries is one of India's renowned manufacturers and exporters of Sewing Machines, Sheet Metal Components, Sewing Machine Parts, Tension Springs, Auto Parts, Pipe Support Systems, Washers, Electrical Cable Components, Scaffolding Parts.

   Sewing Machines
   Sheet Metal Components
    Sewing Machine Parts
    Tension Springs
    Auto Parts
    Pipe Support System
    Electrical Cable Components
    Scaffolding Parts
  • Our Sheet Metal Components, Auto Parts and Sewing Machines are known for their strength & reliability.

  • Safe & Dependable, our components, Parts and machines have a proven track record of excellence in the industry. 

  • We bring to bear an unique combination of knowledge, innovation and experience in every aspect of our products & services. 

Our Excellence

Quality ranks high on our priority list for the satisfaction of our clients. We aim to reach the acme of perfection by engineering products that are not only innovative but also high in quality. Our team of experts maintains a strict vigil during the manufacturing process to ensure that the products are flawless.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in terms of creativity, quality and service, is of paramount importance to us. Combined with the zealous efforts, motivation and technical skills, our organization has a satisfied customer base which is spread all over the globe.

Advanced Production

In today's competitive global economy, we realize that your number one concern is a quality and reliability. That is why all of us at D.S. MANKOO INDUSTRIES and DAULAT SINGH & SONS are dedicated to manufacturing excellence. Detail is taken in each step of the manufacturing process to guarantee you the best equipment available. 

Our Engineering Department specifies all materials procured for the manufacturing process in order to ensure that each product delivers repeatability and satisfaction of performance. During the final process products are inspected, assembled and packaged to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our goal in the manufacturing process is to give a defect-free product while meeting all the delivery requirements. 

The employers as well as employees of D.S. Group of Industries welcome you to provide superior quality products and services... to assist people in industrial Manufacturing business areas to improve productivity and profitability.

As our thousands of satisfied customers will attest, D. S. Group of Industries is the first place to call in Upstate Ludhiana for great products and personal integrity in every business transaction. We encourage you to explore the many fine products and services available from our Industry. 

It is among the best in the business at understanding customer needs, and providing the most effective solutions possible. We'll help you to achieve your productivity goals, whether you need to manufacture it, develop it, assemble it, sell it, or fix it! 

By making the wrong decision and you could hold up well-timed production for hours, days, even weeks. By making the wrong decision and your company could lose revenue, established customers, even jobs. But " We want you to make the right decision".,. 

Competitive pricing for all your equipment parts that adds up to substantial savings
on your bottom line.

Parts coverage and availability that is second to none. And we deliver-on time. 

Years of experience in the parts and manufacturing fields. We're here to stay!

In addition to the above, you have the Daulat Singh & Sons commitment that we'll do whatever it takes to be of service to your Industry. Naturally the final choice is yours, but do make the "right decision." Give the D.S. Group of Industries dealing with manufacturing process a try, and prove to yourself the cost-saving advantages it offers your Industry. 

Designing Department

In our designing department we use Auto Cad and Pro-Engineer (Pro-E) for design our products. Special drawings are made from institute of Auto Parts Technology and from CTR (Central Tool Room).


The pricing is done on the generated engineering data giving full explanation of the incurred cost, profit, rejection and overheads. The costing is done on machine and man hour rates.


The development is carried out by putting target date and job planning is done by schedules thus whether they comes or not made are checked periodically to meet targets


We have been achieving the target of prompt and timely delivers since inception. The schedules are met within the stipulated dates and this is done by proper production planning.

Call us Right Now : +91 - 9855 995 964 or E-mail us Right Now dsmankooind@gmail.com , info@dsmankoo.com 
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Sewing Machines - Sheet Metal Components - Sewing Machine Parts
Tension Springs - Auto Parts - Pipe Support System - Washers
Electrical Cable Components - Scaffolding Parts
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Our Infrastructure - Tool Room - Electro Plating Division - Press Division - Press Shop - Standard Room
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